Update: Twin Energy, Kundalini, Crystals, & the New Age

My Public Journal
I think maybe it’s time for a little update. One because I feel like writing but I don’t know what else to write, and two because some people write normal day to day stuff on their blogs and then there’s just me writing all my bizarre theories which usually mean nothing after another couple of months after I update my perspective on things. So let’s see.. I got back in contact with my twin. That was highly unexpected but meant to happen. The most important thing it’s taught me is trust in myself.. I may post something about that another time.

Anyway, the contact has seemed to have intensified the Kundalini energy coming up as I work through some more issues.. so I’ve been feeling pretty unwell lately. I’ve decided to double the measures I usually take to keep things under control and it seems to be helping a lot. I’m just slightly concerned about the long trip I’ll be taking in a couple of weeks since I won’t really be able to take any of those measures. Not to mention I also have to take precautions to make sure I don’t accidentally catch Ebola on said trip. Lol. 

Some of these things I’ve already written in the YourSpace sub-forum on spiritual forums.. so anyone who’s following me both here and there sorry for the repetition. Also talking of followers from SF.. Night Owl if you’re lurking around here I hope you’re coming back at some point. I get you had to leave for a while but I was a bit taken aback by the random disappearance. So there’s that. Back to twin stuff though.. I seem to have accidentally have gotten in contact with a spirit guide a couple of times lately. It’s mostly contact through super strong clairsentience and telepathy. 

The curious thing is that the connection is very much like twin energy and it basically scares the hell out of me. Although I figure Sebby (author of Mirror Spirits) probably dislikes me now from my constant questioning of her theories I do agree that we probably have more than one twin connection. I’ve been thinking that it makes sense that if I’m having a connection on earth that is supposedly the ‘highest’ there is, then I would have a guide who carries the same energy to help me through the process, right? Another curious thing, that whenever I ‘call in’ twin energy it feels like my own presence.. really there’s just been a lot of signs really that twins are probably different aspects of the same oversoul or something, even though I’m still pretty sceptical about it.

Anyway, overall I feel like I’ve reached another stage in my spiritual evolution. I’ve had to go through a lot these past few months in learning how to embody my truth and release any fear or shame that prevents me from doing that. I think actually the thing that set this phase off was first joining the spiritual forums and having to deal with communication issues.. and then my mother finding out about my Kundalini and calling me ‘deceived by a demon’. Thankfully the distance between us has passed now as there is more acceptance on both ends.. I feel like ultimately I’m doing a good job of living my truth. 

I know it’ll take time before I’m completely there but I know I’ll get there one day. And when that day comes I can carry out my mission.. and talking of missions.. I had one hell of a dream the other day. Actually, when I got back in contact with my twin..  at the exact same time he first replied to my message. I dreamed a lady came up to me and told me I’m not from around here and that I’m from a place far beyond that no one knows and then she literally welcomed me to Earth and told me that me and my twin were welcome to carry out our mission now.. like.. that’s pretty crazy, tbh. I still don’t know what to think of it, but it makes me wonder with the way things are right now. Still.. I’m not one to focus too much on the past/future anymore. Just being the all present observer..

Something else I’m just going to talk about is my crystal obsession I’m sort of going through. When it was first suggested to me to buy some crystals to help integrate my Kundalini better I was pretty sceptical that crystals could do anything.. but my intuition was nagging at me pretty strongly to get some, so went and get some I did. Needless to say I’m so sensitive to crystals.. where to begin. I got some Brecciated Jasper the other day that literally put me in a trance when I used it. I became grumpy for an entire week because I overused Selenite and it unbalanced my crown.. also it’s just really fascinating overall the affects they have on my body. 

The grounding stones feel like they’re literally pushing energy down the ground.. a lot of stones are very clearing so they give me emotional releases.. Citrine is very good for that, also it’s great for clearing my mind and making it feel very ‘clean’.. but I went overboard with it the first time I got it and I accidentally almost made my head explode. Almost Black Tourmaline gave me a tingly chin for ten minutes after using it.. I can’t imagine why. And basically I’ve gone crystal mad. If I ever cash up a debt it’s because of this. They’re so amazing! I don’t even know how they work either lol.. that’s a first. All I know is that they do, and I’m super sensitive to them. Anyway, I think that about wraps it up now for updates. I’ll trying updating more often..

Just quickly, I’ve only just realized that I actually kind of come under the ‘New Age’ label. It makes me cringe because New Agers are a bit out there (as if I’m not, lol) but it is what it is. When I think about it I’m now forever reminded of this song:

Welcome to the New Age, to the New Age..

It horrified me when I first connected the dots together and realized that I may be part of the ‘first wave of ascension’ and leading the New Age movement to the next level..

Ah man. Why did I sign up for this.

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