Still waters frozen behind this bridge
preventing magical flow to be released
such a shame that the sun came out and melted away the ridges that kept it contained

Ice is so pretty in its own pale transparent way
and when it melts it washes away all the dirt and dust that gathered upon it
But the wreckage.. it’s too late to reclaim stories from another time and place
Nothing’s the same

Perhaps life can thrive here again
The cycle of nature was probably running out anyway
potential scatters the air, infesting the water with run down intentions
What does this mean?

It’s not real.. none of it’s real.. that’s the only thing that’s real
And while the water runs off without me I’m left wondering why the damn anyway?
Was the rain really that devastating?

I go to the place that births me.. it no longer wants me, it no longer wants me
And everything I thought was mine is not..
I’m struck by the bullet of my own gun
Gravity pulled it back around on me
Laughing as I drowned.. laughing because I thought I could swim

Don’t look.. I hide my face
The waves caress my tears.. merging me into my fate
Merging me into my destiny

And I know.. I lost something with the crash of thunder and lightening
I know that the sun no longer cares for me
Darkness has me.. the water rushes into my lungs
Breath failing me.. air forsaking me

Why does it work this way?
I’m no longer mine
I’m no longer me
I’m only the waves drowning what I thought to be real.

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