The ground split open before me
suddenly I see all the evil of the earth unleashed
it chases me away and I can’t stand it

I wanted to stay above the crevice, pretending that there was nothing beneath
but now it’s going, going, gone.. and now what’s left?

I lay my ear to the ground, pretending to hear, pretending to dream
forgetting that all that’s left of yesterday is tomorrow’s penalty
I wish things hadn’t shifted.. all that’s left is emptiness and fallacy
and as I continue to stare the ground shifts further and further away from me

Denial is such a contemptuous word
I only wanted peace
and now as peace finds me again I’m left hanging onto a thin thread
I thought that I was already a million miles away from here before this apocalypse but I guess not
I guess I was closer than I thought

So addicting.. this part of me.
and now it’s fading away, along with a fantasy I didn’t know existed
along with the core of me
along with my heavy breathing and my twisting and turning
along with the night and the moon and the atmosphere I breathe
along with everything left of this fallen tyranny

I must move on.. as everyone and no one
always there but always not
until such a time that the ground closes again and the day returns
until the ground remembers what it’s meant to be
and the flowers return to grow in their flowerbeds
until beautiful colours remain only
until I can rise with this new symphony.

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