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Being a long time fan of typology as I have, I thought I would write a post updating a few things on my latest thoughts on the matter. Sadly for me I still love it.. but my identity no longer relies on it anymore. So it’s sort of left with me sticking to a system that has pretty much stopped working. Despite that though, it has a lot of benefits as a type of guideline. But I don’t believe in sticking to it religiously. This was made especially apparent to me after the last test I did.

With all my integration that’s been going on lately with Kundalini, new parts of me have started to emerge. Although on the outside I’m pretty much still what could be considered the typical INTJ.. that is becoming less and less apparent as I start to look outside the boxes. My thinking processes are starting to mirror this too. As I become more present and immersed in the moment my sensing function becomes ever more integrated. My feeling also is becoming integrated quite strongly with all the empathy and clairsentience that I have started developing. The change is becoming so strong that apparently the last time I took a test it gave me INTJ for the first choice and ISFP for my second choice..

I think that has to say something. I am becoming ever the more so integrated into my shadow. I get confused sometimes about types.. but I am starting to see that a strong type is actually a sign of dysfunction. Instead of trying to tick all the boxes of one type I am now starting to use MBTI as a guideline for what I need to work on. I am pretty much like an INTJ-INFP hybrid now. My thinking and feeling functions are exactly perfectly balanced, as are my perceiving and judging functions.. all that needs work on are the extroverted and sensing aspects. I know there will be progress on that with more time.


As for the Enneagram personality type system it seems that whilst once I was a strong 5, I am now a very healthy 9 with a strong 5 head fix. Due to my health level now it seems to me that I have always been a 9, but due to my time spent in my shadow I started out a 4, then as my health increased I turned into a 5, and now I am very healthy I have claimed my core type back as a 9. Although my 954 trifix is particularly strong compared to my other shadow types, as I become more integrated with time I expect 9 to integrate into 3, 5 to integrate into 8, and 4 to integrate into 1, thus effectively causing me to become more assertive and pro-active within the world. I believe there is a good chance of this happening, thanks to the ever cleansing nature of Kundalini.

Although I had some reservation about the revelation of actually being a 9 for a while, I have accepted it fairly easily as these days I would prefer to accept myself for what I am rather than try to create a story to turn me into something I’m not. As 9’s are all about going with the flow and maintaining inner peace this makes sense that I would deal with the problem this way now, rather than researching it extensively or over-thinking it. In fact these days I prefer not to research at all, only learning as I go along. It is testament to how my priorities in life have changed from the insecurities of not being knowledgeable enough to the anxiety of not being properly centered and in tune with the universe.

Considering this then, it is rather interesting to see how I act as both an INTJ and an enneagram type 9. This combination doesn’t seem to be too common, and as such often has me questioning if I am not a core INFJ or INFP instead. No matter what I do though my observations always lead me back to the fact I am merely an INTJ with a well developed feeling function. So that is one way being a 9 affects me as compared to other INTJ’s. I would go as far to say that it does not make me out to be as arrogant or pretentious as many other INTJ’s can be known to be, and that I am perfectly okay with expressing my feelings and being affectionate.

To close, I shall give my own rough personality overview from the blend of types that I have discussed: I am observant and aware, analytical and grounded, I go with the flow yet I always have a back up plan, I live in the moment whilst seeing how the future will work out as a result of a projection from the past. I am open to new possibilities but I don’t get caught up in fantasies. As for undeveloped traits I find it difficult to immerse myself in experiences where there is a lot going on, I can tend to shut down and block everything out when I feel too overwhelmed, and I can become a little passive-aggressive around people when I am dealing with internal struggles. 

I can also find it hard to compromise with others needs, always having to pay attention to what I want to do, whilst at the same time not always having a clear-direction and letting people take the lead rather than taking my own initiative. I am secluded and sometimes stubborn.. But I like to spend a of that time working on myself and becoming a better a person. I can be under-active but I rise happily to the occasion when there is a challenge that I see would help me grow. I am sometimes not too logical but it doesn’t bother me 😉 

That’s something you won’t hear a lot of INTJ’s say. But then, I think feelings are very logical, if you really think about it. Definitely an INFP thing to say. Anyway.. I think this concludes this essay. 

As can be seen, integrated is a great thing to be. Until next time.

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