Twin Flames and Past Lives

My Public Journal
Twin Flames. Just what are they? So many theories going around.. but no one seems to know for sure. In midst of my own journey I have come to a few conclusions. First: It is not a normal connection. I see so many couples calling each other twins because they have found someone special. Sorry guys but that’s a soulmate connection. How can I tell the difference? Simple. If it doesn’t drag you to hell and back and in the process make you aware to a greater reality then you’re probably just fooling yourself. A twin flame connection is NOT a romantic connection. Despite what everyone says. It is a connection with one purpose: To make you realize who you really are. It is a connection of unconditional divine love, one which opens your eyes to the truth: That you ARE love. You are love itself.

How does a connection like this work? Honestly I have no idea. I don’t think it’s really too important, but some say that twins share the same Higher Self or the same Oversoul which I think is more likely. Apparently reuniting with this other part of you creates a recognition of similar energy and is what causes the recognition of Self and that huge blast of awareness, because you are basically meeting yourself. There are also theories that a twin is just someone you have incarnated with since the beginning of being split and so your energies have become almost identical over the ages.. which also potentially works. Then there’s the fact that it could just be a simple one time soul contract to help both raise themselves to greater awareness. Which is probably less likely.

It seems to me that meeting a twin is something that’s more likely to happen at the end of a persons young soul phase or at the beginning of a persons mature soul phase. I have noticed the difference myself between the way mature souls and old souls deal with this connection. Mature souls will do anything for the connection, saying ‘true love fights’, with a focus on relationship and family, whilst old souls seem more ready to let things go and just be, due to already having realized many lives before that love ‘just is’, and there is nothing you can do or not do that will change that. Mature souls are more likely so get caught up in the romance and drama of it all, whilst old souls are more likely to see it for how it is and go with the flow.

In relation to past lives, there is an interesting phenomena that I have observed. Maybe it is has something to do with revisiting any past karma that remains and releasing that, but souls will seem to phase through all of their previous lives in one way or another before settling. At least I have seen this in mature and older souls. The length each phase lasts seems to depend on how much karma is remaining. This can also be seen in twin flame connections. Meeting a twin is like suddenly being reset to a new soul. You then go through the phases again to release any more karma that remains. So it’s like a double shot of karmic cleansing. The length these phases last also seem dependent upon how much karma remains from past lives and also how much progress one has made with their twin in past lives.

After as many of these karmic phases with each other have been cleared out as possible, usually one of from the twin flame connection will disappear. This is because if both were to stay together no more progress for either would be able to be made. It’s a time for integration and realization, a time to come to terms with the reality of being. This phase can go on indefinitely until both are awake to their true nature and purpose.. at least that’s what I’ve observed. The only twins that seem to be permanently back together are the ones who are both realized. 

Otherwise there may be a lot of separation and reunion, but nothing really solid. It’s no wonder that twins are often said to be in their last incarnation when they find each other. Although this obviously isn’t true, it does seem to be true that their last incarnation is the one where both become awakened to their true nature, hence allowing the two to become one, not with each other, but with all that is, together. Along with that naturally comes awareness of their joint purpose on earth before moving onto the next dimension.

One thing I have noticed in relation to past lives phases and twin flames is that of how the chakras seem to correspond to particular soul ages. For example, a new soul will mostly be mostly operating from the root chakra, whilst a mature soul will mostly be operating from the heart, having activated the sacral and solar plexus through the infant and young soul ages. Because of this, it does not appear uncommon that a twin flame connection will awaken Kundalini once the heart is open. 

I do not know why the Kundalini needs an open heart to be activated as I am not that aware to energetic dynamics and pathways within the body, but as the heart is the gateway between the lower self and the higher self it makes sense that once the heart is open the Kundalini can then activate and rise to ajna, causing self-realization and residing there until it has pierced the crown and the soul becomes one with God. Because of the necessity of an open heart chakra for this to occur it seems like this awakening will be more common within older twin souls, rather than mature twin souls who are still working on opening up their heart.
One thing that I want to mention before I close, is something about labels. It exasperates me when people try to make the stages happen themselves because it’s written all over the internet in a set of instructions and it’s meant to happen that way. I tried that- and it didn’t work. Love cannot be controlled, only surrendered to. What will happen will happen anyway no matter what is tried or not. Labels extend from love, not the other way round. Part of the twin flame connection is realizing this.. that you create your own reality, and nothing else creates it for you. Everything that has ever happened is of your own making.. but in a way to which most are unaware of. There is no such thing as destiny or fate.. only free will and the becoming in sync with that.

This post has run away from me a little with concepts that most will not understand until they live them.. and that is really what the twin flame connection is all about. Learning to live life, truly, alive with full awareness.

If it doesn’t awaken you, then it’s not a twin flame connection.


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