Universal Synchronicity

My Poetry

I see black and grey melding away from white
is it yours or is it mine
backtrack to the start
was there always this mix up or was I blind

There is something so lost
I feel it inside
something not from this place or time..
something old and worn
searching for respite

Liquid waves of melody surround me
remind me of false reality
remind me who I am and who I’m not
remind me of who I could be
do you know what I mean?

I see gold in the deepest recesses of the pit
as I climb out this hell into somewhere else
I know not where I am nor where I see
it travels on endlessly, this part of me…

The end or the start, which one comes next?
am I both or am I neither at all?
you know the answer
it is inside this confusion..
it is inside what you thought me to be

Don’t hold back your dreams
they call to me
now I see..
I’m drifting endlessly..
a blink of eternity folded in two
a star internally saying please don’t leave…

Universal synchronicity.

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