Siddhis (Aka Paranormal Abilities)

My Public Journal
I have downloaded a book that was recommended to me by someone, regarding Kundalini in relation to the chakras and the nadis (energy pathways) in the body. As I read this I my attention was brought to the Siddhis of each chakra, paranormal abilities that begin to be manifested as the chakras awaken fully. I have mentioned briefly before about how I have been developing empathy recently as a result of the heart awakening.

Whilst empathy is to do with the heart, it would actually be more accurate to say that what I have started developing is clairsentience- the ability to feel external energies either without or within the body. Clairsentience seems to be connected to the sacral and solar plexus which is deepened by an open heart chakra, so they do seem connected. However an open heart is not necessary for one to have clairsentience.

So clairsentience is one such Siddhi I have started to develop. For example- being able to sense my own aura and the auras of others around me. I am also often able to know things of the future based on telling energies around me. For example, I know my mother is about to have a heart awakening because I can sense her heart energy becoming stronger by the day. But it’s not just this. Clairsentience is the ability to sense energy from not only the present but also the past and the future. When this ability develops to this extent it is usually called being ‘psychic’, or ‘prophetic’. Considering this then, it is no wonder I have often had prophesies that I too would become a prophet/psychic. Having an open heart though is essential, because not only does it deepen the empathic feelings with that sense of ‘oneness’, but it also gives the user the ability to distinguish between their own energies and the energies of others. 

This is probably one reason why many empaths have trouble with negative energy. Because they have not yet learned how to let it flow and pass through them. Something I am slowly learning, but it is hard. Negative energy seems to ‘stick’ more than positive, probably because it attaches to hooks inside us, and it feels extremely uncomfortable. Someone around me who is stressed often causes me to feel physically suffocated, as if I am being constricted by a huge weight. Examples like this are happening to me on a more and more regular basis. I also think I had partial clairvoyance before my awakenings, as I could often sense energy before that and had a few experiences with ‘seeing’ (sensing which my eyes then translated into images) shadows in the lower astral realm.

Another two Siddhis, which I have mentioned before (although one somewhat briefly) that I have developed are the abilities of healing and psychokinesis. I decided to mention these two together because they are Sidhhis that both belong to the heart chakra. Although as mentioned on a former post, I am currently weary of trying healing on others due to the negative effects it caused me the first time I tried it, the fact remains that I have the gift of healing, and I am able to use this on myself with no negative side effects at all. I am sure in time I will become more attuned to its proper function. 

As for psychokinesis, a basic form of this would be the ability to manipulate energy, which I am able to do rather naturally. Through the manipulation of energy fields I have noticed I am able to manipulate physical objects too. So far I have only tried this once on another unsuspecting (yet willing) participant. It was actually something I saw on tv on a show called “Man Vs Weird”. The guy on it was controlling the moment of people’s bodies through manipulating their etheric body (I believe). This made me want to try it, and to my astonishment, it worked. I tried it on my mother, and as she had not watched the program with me she did not know what I was about to attempt. I told her to stand still, as I stood behind her, and then I imagined making and tying a rope of energy around her (as I had seen on the show). After a while I pulled this energy rope back and at the same time she fell backwards. It was pretty cool.

Another ability of the heart chakra (although not a Siddhi per se), that I am starting to become aware of is my ability to manifest things outside of me with just an intent. So far I have only tried it in smaller situations but every time is has worked. I just ask for something to happen and it happens. The only thing being that with an open heart chakra comes non-attachment, and the less things you are attached to the less you have the desire to manifest things you feel you ‘need’ or ‘want’, because when you are connected to the Divine all needs are automatically met anyway and all wants are irrelevant to the larger picture. So I don’t really know how much I’ll play with this. 

And quickly onto another Siddhi which is related to the heart chakra- astral projection. I have wanted to astral project for so long, and a few weeks ago I finally did. Although it only last for a split second and it was entirely spontaneous, for that moment in time I was outside my body. I felt so clear.. so free.. since then I have felt my physical body to be more of a prison than anything else, but I am learning to deal with this. The point of spirituality isn’t to escape, it’s to bring heaven to earth. I’m hoping in time though that spontaneous astral projection will happen more and more often until I am able to choose to project any time I want. For one, I would really love to visit the Summerland (upper astral plane) and maybe beyond (which may come with projection from the crown when that is open).

So it seems like I have a lot of heart Siddhis. To me this means I have probably had an open heart in many lifetimes before and that I probably worked often as some sort of Shaman. It seems most natural to me then and is the first bunch of Siddhis to develop. Over time I know I will probably develop more. A couple more Siddhis that I want to talk about before I end this is the spontaneous movements of the throat chakra and the clairvoyance of the third eye. I have talked many times before in my posts about my ‘spontaneous yoga’ and cellular consciousness. What I believe is happening here is that the third eye is sending information regarding to the throat to be carried out. This is also why the throat is considered the center of telepathy. Telepathy at its basic can be said to be the hearing of the Higher Self (something I have) or at its most complex the hearing of other peoples thoughts (something I may or may not develop). 

But back to the spontaneous movements. This is the level the Higher Self manifests in the external world. This is something I have noticed when interacting with strangers also, and not just in my energy work. I will often do things that I do not consciously think about and that just seem to ‘happen’, but when I look back on them I realize that what I did had affected someone in a positive way. This is probably also related to the heart and solar plexus/sacral in knowing the energies of people around me and what they need. So this all seems to be connected. 

As for clairvoyance, this has only happened once, when I saw what I referred to as ‘God’ (although now know to be a polarized focused angelic extension, aka archangel) as incredible Light. This I know to be the Light seen in Near Death Experiences. Other types of clairvoyance I have had is waking up seeing everything in geometric patterns and incredible shining ‘living’ colours.. this has only happened a few times and not for very long at that, but it’s really quite incredible. They say that in the mental plane (I think) everything is manifested as geometric patterns- hence sacred geometry. So my vibration is becoming high enough to see these things. Over time they may become more common as my awareness rises back up to my third eye.

(Brief update: apparently the realm of sacred geometry belongs to the sixth dimension and Christ Consciousness. This would make sense considering the third eye is the sixth chakra. One chakra for each realm of existence. I think this has also been called the Messianic or Monadic plane but again I’m unsure. It also makes sense that the reason I woke up seeing these things instead of seeing them in the middle of the day randomly is because I must have been visiting this realm/dimension in my deeper sleep, and the awareness had not been lost completely as I was waking. Pretty cool, since most only visit the astral in their sleep. Definitely shows expansion and higher vibration.)

So, these are the Siddhis I have developed so far. Pretty incredible really. As time goes on I know they will become more developed and that I will have access to many more abilities. And as I have written before in another post, I see this as a good way to be able to measure my Kundalini development, because when Siddhis appear, it’s a strong sign that the chakras are finally becoming clear and open enough to do what they were originally meant to do.

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