I am going to copy and paste my post from the Spiritual Forums here so that I don’t have to repeat everything else again. This is what I wrote concerning this matter:

“Today I came across a really interesting article which makes sense of everything I am feeling about being a ‘fallen angel’. It’s a bit new-agey and maybe a little unbelievable and I don’t really know for sure, but it makes A LOT of sense to me. I will post the link of the article at the bottom but it’s quite long and there are a few previous chapters to it explaining it all, so I’ll just give a quick overview here:

Basically, it says that Lightworkers are old souls that completed most of their evolution on different planets/dimensions before the birth of humanity. They were mature souls with ‘angelic consciousness’ that looked after the earth and its new innocent souls in ‘the Garden of Eden’. However, they had yet to experience the darker side of the ego. So in order to experience it they ‘fell’, and started a huge intergalactic war in order to experience power.

Apparently though, the war ended up in a stalemate and so in a bid to try and win it they manipulated the new human consciousness to become separated from source and feel fear. The effect of this was that human consciousness also fell, and somehow the Lightworkers used this to feed their own power (I can’t remember how now) so they could win the war. I suppose it was a bit like a vampiric strategy.

Apparently though, corrupting the new human souls didn’t help the war and eventually the fight for power became boring, because it was leading nowhere. The Lightworkers then, searching for something deeper, started to open up to heart consciousness. This caused the Lightworkers to feel remorse and regret over what they had done to the new human souls.

And so, the Lightworkers decided to incarnate in the later stages of Earth’s evolution to experience from humans their own corruption. This way they would eventually release all need for egoic power and karma would be repaid. On top of this, the Lightworker would be here to help guide the young human souls into higher consciousness, in order to not only try to make up for how they corrupted them, but as I wrote above, also to release karma and help advance their own consciousness onto a level which surpassed all duality:

Apparently Earth is unique because the manipulation of the Lightworkers caused their own energy to become embedded within human consciousness. So humans have a mixture of all sorts of energy from all over the universe. This means that a soul living in a human body can experience everything all at once, in the same life. It can experience pain as well as happiness, ect.

Apparently this isn’t found anywhere else in the universe. And so the only way to surpass duality for older souls is to incarnate on Earth so they can experience this. So Earth is the unviersal bridge between duality and non-duality. And the Lightworker is here to bring Light not only to others but also to themselves in order to reconnect with source.”

The link is here: http://jeshua.net/lightworker/jeshua5.htm

So.. that is that. It explains a lot of things for me. For example, the feeling that I am here making up for a time when I was a ruthless bloodthirsty dictator.. it seems like I have just come from that war all those thousands or millions of years ago or whatever. The war for us Lightworkers and the aftermath of that was our dark night of the soul which had the purpose of transforming us from mature souls to old souls. There can be no progress into old soul age without going through this stage. The darkness inside must all be confronted and released. And now many Lightworkers are either here to do just that, or have already done just that and have returned to carry out a particular mission that will help them transcend again into the higher realms.

This is where I feel like I am in this life. This is also why my soulmates are here. As I mentioned in my last post angelic consciousness is essentially group consciousness. This is where all souls come from in the beginning, before splitting off into separate souls. Perhaps the reason I feel my angelic consciousness so strongly though is because I spent most of my soul in that state and haven’t really been fallen for long, unlike human souls, which is also probably in part that due to my more evolved soul age I am able to shed karma much faster.

But anyway.. my soulmates and myself are basically all shards of the same angelic oversoul and we probably all incarnated on earth at around the same time and again as I mentioned in a previous post I might not actually be able to return to angelic consciousness until all the group has released their own karma. In this case I may choose to incarnate over and over again with them instead of waiting on other astral planets in order to help them shed their karma so we can regroup again. I don’t think I would mind this.

Also, although the link doesn’t mention it, the way it portrays us Lightworkers makes me think of the Grigori mentioned in the Book of Enoch. They were Watcher Angels who basically watched over and cared for the Earth in its infancy. But then they fell, and came to earth and taught the new human souls all sorts of ‘dark’ magic, speeding up their evolution dramatically. They then mated with the humans and created giant demons known as Nephilim. Eventually though the physical body of the Nephilim was wiped out I think? So now they wander the lower astral realm feeding off of the energies here, whilst the Grigori… I have no idea what happened to them.

I haven’t really researched into all this with too much depth yet but to me the fallen angelic Lightworker sounds basically the same as the Grigori. Same concept, different myth. So I could call myself a Grigori too.. which is a bit weird. I know there’s truth to these things I feel though.. being angelic, not being from earth, having to repay karma, leading people towards the Light to surpass duality and complete my soul evolution in this universe maybe.. perhaps the way I’m interpreting them isn’t correct.. it’s hard to see the entire truth from a human perspective, but I know that I am feeling/seeing the truth, if only just part of it.

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