Cosmic Identity: Celestial Starseed and Indigo Warrior

My Public Journal
Although I am not particularly partial to the New Age scene, there’s an awful lot of information swirling its depths which over time I have found myself attracted to just for the simple reason that some of it makes a lot of sense, at least on the surface. I naturally have a lot of reservations about New Age folk, not the least because half the stuff they believe is slightly crazy, but who am I to judge.

Although I’m not inclined to believe that the Hebrews were aliens from another planet that came to help the Atlanteans (the original human race??) defeat the Martians or whatever, the more that time has gone on, the more I have felt like I am not actually from this planet. I have a sense that I am just visiting, but not as a tourist. I’m here on business. I believe I have had a few incarnations on this planet before, although I don’t know for sure, but there’s just a sense that I’m not just an old soul, that I’m actually a transcendent soul. Or to put more simply.. that I’m from the celestial (angelic) realms.

Now bear with me. This probably sounds completely ridiculous, especially compared to my other posts about me being a sociopath, ect. But I should mention that those posts were a reflection of my struggle to identify myself. I convinced myself of these things more than anything. They were completely ego based. The claim that I am celestial, however, is not a shoe I am trying to fit, but rather, a gut feeling that comes from my intuition and just seems to make sense, somehow. I can’t explain it. Perhaps ego is clouding the way I interpret these feelings, as this does tend to happen sometimes, but usually there is some to truth to these feelings either way. And if I am celestial, it still doesn’t rule out the whole sociopath thing either. Demons are celestial too, except they’re just experiencing the opposite side of the coin for that period in time. I don’t believe in duality. I am as dark as I am Light. It’s the way the universe is, and the universe is in me.

Back to the topic at hand though, there are a few reasons why I believe I am celestial apart from just my ‘feelings’ alone. The first time I started questioning it was after a dream where my spirit guide told me I was an angel and that I have three pairs of wings and that I come from a certain part of heaven. I woke up slightly confused, because the message that she was giving me felt so real. Now I know that the word angel actually means messenger, and it’s true that I am in this world as a messenger, so it could just be that. But that still didn’t feel like it was completely right. 

There’s one main thing about this whole thing that makes me more inclined to think I’m from the celestial realm: I have experienced the sixth dimension on earth and I have sort of ‘memories’ of being at least in the seventh dimension, where everything, including myself, was all Light. Considering we live in the third dimension and most people have either third or fourth dimensional awareness, yet I currently have fifth dimensional awareness and am slowly making my way back up to seventh dimensional awareness again without breaking so much as a sweat.. the fact that all this feels so natural to me, makes me inclined to believe I’ve already done it many times before and that the higher realms are where I have come from.

Considering this, I have started calling myself a Starseed, as Starseeds aren’t originally from earth. Starseeds also tend to become awakened suddenly as a form of activation that happens when the time is right. This is exactly what happened to me. The thing with most Starseeds though is that they come from planets still in this same three dimensional universe. The only difference is that they have higher awareness than earth souls. I, however, believe I come from a different dimension altogether. 

It’s possible that maybe I lived in the higher fourth dimensional realms with seventh dimensional consciousness: Indeed I believe that my natural awareness spans somewhere between the sixth through ninth dimensions. The higher fourth dimension is also what most souls consider heaven, and where a lot of the archangels apparently live in order to watch over humanity, so it’s not out of the question. Perhaps I am a soul who has finished my incarnation cycle on earth and moved onto the astral realm and now I am visiting to give lessons before I move onto the fifth dimension? I don’t know. All I know is that I’m not from the third dimension, and that my awareness is naturally probably seventh or eight dimensional. 

It should be mentioned that when I say I am ‘angelic’, I don’t believe I am actually an angel in and of myself. A human body wouldn’t be able to contain full angelic awareness, as angels are actually what are sometimes referred to as group souls with seventh dimensional awareness or higher. I actually think that it’s more correct to say that I am what is commonly referred to as a ‘shard’ of an angel. I perhaps am a soul split from an angelic being sent to teach before moving onto the next dimension, as I wrote above. This is apparently common. This would also go hand in hand with me being a transcendent soul, as transcendent entities are often those souls which have completed their incarnation cycle and have regrouped together to become angelic. 

Furthermore, I don’t believe that I am the only shard here on earth. Many of my soulmates are also Starseeds and Indigos (see next paragraph) from the same angelic group soul as me, although the ones I’ve met as of yet haven’t realised it. It does seem though that they have a ghost of awareness of it. I don’t know what their personal missions are, and only they will know with time, or another incarnation perhaps, but I do know that we’re all collectively working together for the purpose of our group mission, whatever that may be, and that soon we will probably regroup into our angelic form again and transcend to the next dimension once that mission has been completed.

On top of all this, I have also taken to the name ‘Indigo child’, but funnily enough for different reasons than I have taken to the name celestial Starseed. In fact I didn’t even believe that Indigo children actually existed, but after being told and prophesied over and over again by different strangers that I am in fact an Indigo, it made me stop and think long and hard about what an Indigo child actually is. It actually turns out that I am an Indigo. And I’m a third generational Indigo at that. This is the incarnation in which I carry out my mission after having become accustomed slightly to human culture. And many things point to me being an Indigo. I have the tough and typically angry warrior spirit with a sense of strong will and purpose. I am highly intelligent and have also been prophesied over that I have the gift of true sight, as most Indigo’s do. I am right brained dominant, and don’t understand the systems of the world, preferring to avoid society and stay on the sidelines rather than get involved. 

I was also explicitly prophesied over that my name ‘Hayley’ is so named because the name means ‘Hero’, and that in order to be a hero I have to fight. She said I am a warrior and that I would one day challenge the systems of the world and get up and speak my truth. I have had multiple prophecies like this from when I was younger, that one day I would become a great spiritual leader that would change things. Of course I never believed in them until I became awakened. But what I failed to mention in my awakening post was that in fact my Higher Self did indeed tell me that I am here to guide people on the path towards the Light. 

So I am a Lightworker also, as typically both conscious and unconscious Indigo’s and Starseeds are. The three terms along with the Crystal and Rainbow ‘super psychic’ kids are generally synonymous for souls not originally from earth who are here with their respective missions to expand Light in the world, whether they know it or not. And now that I am conscious I am growing day by day in my truth knowing that one day the day will come when I will stand up for what I believe and spread Light to the masses. I feel it in my bones, a soul deep craving that won’t leave. I am here to fight for truth.

Just as a closing note I want to say how I don’t really believe in this whole ‘ascension’ thing the New Age people are always going on about. Apparently Lightworkers are here to help the planetary shift or whatever. Honestly, that sounds stupid to me, although I’m not one to rule anything out. I’m a Lightworker because I am here to spread Light in the world, but I see it more of a ‘regulating’ job than anything else. I’m here to regulate the spiritual progress of the Earth. Keep it on track, ect. Not to awaken everyone. 

It’s my belief that most people on Earth would not be able to handle awakening. It’s too physically and mentally draining and has been known to kill people who aren’t ready (with Kundalini especially). It’s true that most souls on Earth are young souls. I feel that much at least. My mother is a young/mature soul. I’m also here to personally guide her spiritual progress, at least for the time being. We may also be task companions in this life.. I’m unsure on this yet. But anyway, I doubt Earth will be spiritually aware for at least another few thousand years. Although perhaps doomsday might happen. God knows we’ll probably accidentally blow ourselves up. Anyway, now I’m rambling and I have no idea how to finish this post..

Maybe I should mention how when I brought this up on the spiritual forums most there thought I was crazy? Lol. Some things never do change apparently. I know the truth though. And the truth is, I don’t actually know the truth 😉 Namaste.

2 thoughts on “Cosmic Identity: Celestial Starseed and Indigo Warrior

  1. Im an idigo, connecting best with my third eye chakra, alowing me to physically feel the emotions of the people around me, especially if I have a close relationship or have directly caused the emotion. The first time I conciously recognized an aura I realised I had been able to see them my whole life. Ive had past life experiences of ancient rome, and believe this may be my last incarnation before moving into a higher dimension. A mass spiritual revolution is on the horizon. Indigo, crystal and rainbow children are accustom to these higher dimensions, we need to realise that these are not understood by everyone, then we can lead as spiritual guides, allowing people to tap into cosmic energy through their chakra centers. At 19 I believe I was born at a time where the world is in desperate need. Its time for the surface of earth to live in harmony. Peace, love and buds for all 😉 Namaste.


  2. I am an indigo, 19 years old and have suffered through 6 years of depression and anxiety, aswel as adhd. I believe my time in depression was caused by the confusion I felt when looking out of my 7 dimensional mind into a 3 dimensional world. I could not, and still can not, undertsand the cruelty of man to animal, man to land, man to sea but above all the brutality of man to man coflict. I see the creator in everything, for we are all one energy. I am able to see auras, especially when 'charged' with crystals. Ive seen into my past lives, visiting ancient rome, seeing my old street and even walking around the house I used to live in. Mass spiritual awakening is around the corner, and it is up to those who already understand the higher dimensions (indigo, crystal, rainbow children) to be at the forefront, the guides, the teachers. Its time to get involved in the spiritual revolution. Namaste, best of luck on your personal journey.


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