Broken, she tries to hold on
falling apart she tries to remain
a broken vase splintered and shattered from blood, sweat, tears, and pain
still every shard glints with the secrets they retain
even in pieces she endures; remnants of her delight vigorously stay
yet knowing not the price she carries on her barren way
and rinses out hope from the the last of her poison-filled veins

She applies her lipstick for the last time, her face pale and washed out quite fine
forgetting the demons for the vile deeds they cast
their magic and masquerade expunge her mind and her past
she removes a fragment from her skin, plunges it back in, carves out her heart
keenly feels the blunt rusted blade of disuse,
fills the gaping lesions of herself with some more gauze

Zombie of the night
feed on the flesh of your captors’ abandoned corpse
the mirror of your true nature unable to disconnect
vomit at the sight of your own fall
the glistered slivers of your esse shriek at you and berate
shadow you like a ghost in the night
urge you to look behind, to let it all go, to plummet head-first into your fate

Do you surrender or do you struggle against the spell?
do you relinquish their need for control
or collapse into the mindless oblivion of their hell?
fair weather awaits your cue
awaits the proclivity
awaits these fragments to be remade anew

Live hard, love harder
forget not from whence you came
forgiveness the way past this enigma
the simplicity of your anima shines its way through
we love you, for eternity and far beyond,
this is the answer, this is your route
this is the unfurling of your pretermited truth.

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