Asynchronous Felicity

My Poetry

Swirling purple and golden strands of perpetuity
wrap themselves around her hair
her face, her hands, they shimmer with dark potential
they grasp around, they stare

The chasm of bliss stands before her
to look, to turn, there’s nowhere
liquid lava pours forth from vacuity
it permeates the very essence of the air

She lets herself fall backwards
back and back and back and back
unrelenting conception caresses
every angle of life and death itself

Light; a phantasm emerges
incessant phantasms arise
they cut through the unending wave of apparition
make peace with the serenade of her demise

Take care; forget not thy brethren
we are, we are, we are
we are here, we are
we are already gone, we are

The angels call her name; she dances to the darkness
consuming it she becomes it
transforming she delineates
hark the herald of the new beast living
glory in every facet of the law

Ten heads for each of its form
ten forms for each of her own
snakes and lions and eagles and dragons
wisdom her birthright from before day one

So know thee not the power of thy ancestors?
they mock the sane and the sure
the innocent come calling once again
listen, listen as they call your name once more

Eyes to penetrate the soul
the soul of all that has ever been
hush yourself now as you listen
hush now as you fade into this dream.

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