Do you remember?

My Poetry

Do you remember?
Remember when these petals were frozen within themselves
when scarlet liquid dripped past the glassy panes of our razor ripped flesh?
We were never alone.

Sometimes screams are felt like they are never heard
sometimes pain feels too far gone
hearts and dreams shattered one too many times
death forever tireless, knocking on our mortal doors

A swirling black envy in midst of our gaze
A mass of swollen clouds threatening fiery rain
clouds that cover beauty of the golden dawn, the truth, your soul
hiding the listening ears of the divine and pure

They pray for us
they pray for you
I pray
I pray for you, for us

These wounds glisten with the hope they behold
they forget
I’m so sorry I had to forget
I pray that one day truly I will forget
I pray that one day the broken will be made anew.

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