Releasing Emotions with a Blast of Turpentine!

My Public Journal

My mother’s interests reside in the natural health sector, I believe mostly due to the physical ailments she has had to cope with over the years. I have often believed these ailments to be due to emotional imbalances in her own system, and have told her such. Although she’s not so much into the emotional release side of things as I am, things between us are shifting a little. I never had much interested in health related things either, until lately.

It seems what affects the soul affects the body, just as much as what affects the body affects the soul. This was made apparent to me after my mother found an article on a substance called ‘turpentine’, which is supposedly labelled by government officials as lethal and not fit to be sold in shops, but is supposedly one of the best natural products for curing all ailments and removing toxins. I was hesitant about her dabbling in this due to the risk factor, and even after she got it and tried it out and venerated it, I still didn’t believe it to do anything, as I have never been into natural remedies.

I don’t really know what prompted me to try it then. I can only say at this point it was my Higher Self. The day before I had taken a salt bath to cleanse my aura as is usually recommended but it didn’t really do much. Not in comparison to when taking a turpentine bath however!

I didn’t think it would do anything so I put some relaxing music on and proceeded to chill out for half an hour. I didn’t even manage ten minutes. After about roughly that same amount of time my arm started burning as if it was attached to an electric cooker and that was when the emotional release started. I have had enough emotional releases now to know the difference between general screaming due to physical pain and screaming due to repressed emotional pain coming to the surface. And boy was I screaming!

It wasn’t as intense as my most recent major episode which had me vomiting numerous times, but let’s say it was more intense than when I do automatic yoga. I jumped out of the bath immediately unable to take anymore (apparently you’re supposed to stay immersed for half an hour??!?!), yet being out the bath didn’t cause the screaming, or the burning to subside. The burning spread to my back, then my buttocks, then the top of the back of my thighs, and then to my ankles. All this time I was screaming, and the physical pain and emotional pain didn’t stop for about half an hour. It was intense! And apparently this is considered normal! It doesn’t matter that I was going through Kundalini, but I’m sure it helped the entire process!

Afterwards though I felt absolutely amazing. More clear headed than I had done the entire week previously. I definitely recommend this treatment for anyone spiritual or not, anyone who’s interested in clearing toxins and negative emotions from their bodies and minds. It’s EXTREMELY effective. Forget the salt (although actually you have to put salt in with turpentine), try turpentine!

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