Effects of Cellular Consciousness

My Public Journal

The more I refer to ‘Automatic Yoga’, the more I see that the yoga aspect goes beyond just physical exercises. For one, my body listens to me. I’m starting to see it as the cellular consciousness of my Self. The first time I noticed it was more than physical exercises was when it, well.. gave me a little self-loving 😀 For lack of a more appropriate term. After that I started experimenting more and more with the extent of my ability to direct these ‘spontaneous movements’, for obvious reasons 😉 .

I have noticed that I can’t really make my body do a spontaneous movement, probably because that would against the definition of it being ‘spontaneous’, but over time I have noticed that I can make requests of my cellular consciousness, and then it will listen to me and carry out the action if it feels its appropriate. The first time I made an explicit request was when I trying to understand which major chakras corresponded with particular fingers. I would point to a finger, ask, and then it would place my hand on the particular body part for the particular chakra it corresponded to.

I eventually extended this to trying to communicate with my Self through asking that my hand be sort of like a pendulum. I ask it a question and it swings one way for yes and another way for no. The thing is, is that although I asked it some base questions to get a feel for it, when it came to the larger questions I started to doubt the yes no paradigm. In the end my finger rose to my lip as if to shush me and just stay in the moment rather than ask so many questions. So that stopped.

Next time I asked a request of my body was when I was doing automatic hatha yoga. My exercises have started to become very painful for me as they are literally trying to straighten out the very base of my spine and release the deepest repressed emotions associated with the root chakra. It was during one of these sessions that I had got halfway through my usual time and I felt so exhausted I couldn’t carry on. So I said to my body that I wanted to continue but I couldn’t continue with the gruelling asanas. I said I would continue if the positions were easier. Although I wasn’t asking per se, my body then switched positions and did really super easy asanas instead.

This has now extended to warm ups and cool downs. Because the exercises were super gruelling my muscles were starting to feel badly affected in the day from not having done any warm ups or cool downs at the beginning and end of my sessions. So one day before the session I asked my body to do a warm up session first. It complied! Then the next day it also did a cool down session as I had wanted, and ended with me in shavasana. Now it does this every session, and usually leaves me in advasana (reverse shavasana), for what reason I don’t know but I assume it must be better for me personally.

I am starting to think that my body knows exactly what it needs more than I do. When I have had menstrual pains I just ask my body to take it away and it moves me to a position where it disappears. It leaves me there for a couple of minutes until it releases and then I can carry on what I was doing, without pain. Another incredible thing that I have had a second experience with today is self-reiki. Yesterday I made the mistake of doing walking meditation. I thought it would ground me even more but it just gave me more energy. I was suffering the effects all last night and this morning, where I felt so sick I was on the verge of crying.

When I had my healing deliverance about a month ago, the energy that was left in my head that couldn’t escape back down and out my throat chakra or out through the top of my head due to the blockage there made me feel ill also, and before I realized it my hands were on my face super heated and doing something that cleared my head of energy. It completely made me well again. Because of that I have tried doing self-reiki on myself in the past but it hasn’t worked. This was the effect, or lack of should I say, that happened when I tried doing reiki on myself today by laying my hands on my stomach. Nothing happened, and I gave up frustrated. But then before I realized what had happened my left hand moved my head to one side and placed itself on my cheek. It stayed there for about ten minutes before turning my head the other way and placing it on the other cheek. Both times of this self-reiki I have felt suddenly really pleasantly sleepy, until just before it finished and my eyes popped open fully awake. My hand removed itself and I felt more grounded than ever and my nausea had gone. The excessive energy had been released!

In future I may ask my cellular consciousness explicitly to do reiki on me when I’m not feeling well, rather than just taking it into my own hands, as it’s clear that I have no idea what I’m doing. I also want to try this on family members at some point and see what happens. For now though I find this absolutely astounding, that your body listens to you and can actually understand you. Not only that but our bodies seem to know more about themselves than we know about them! I am sure that there will come a point where my cellular consciousness will enter my awareness and we will become one, but for now it’s literally like I am building a relationship with my own body. It’s wonderful!

On an ending note, I feel sad for all those people who hate their bodies and want to be skinnier and have anorexia or bulimia or those who eat themselves to excessive sizes due to insecurities or those who get surgery to erase features they don’t like, ect. Their body can hear all of that and they are just hurting it with all those remarks. They are hurting themselves. Of course this is basic common sense, but when seen from the view that the body is actually sentient and conscious in its own right, well, it really gives self-abuse a whole new meaning. I’m especially sorry now for the self-harming I used to partake in. I’m so glad those days are over. I am now making it a mission to give my body the best care it can receive, starting with a new diet. But perhaps that’s a post for another time.


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