Falling into Trances

My Public Journal

I haven’t meditated for a while now, as doing so seems to raise a lot of energy which eventually builds up into inevitable and highly uncomfortable Kundalini explosions. However, the last time I meditated, roughly almost a month ago, just before my last Kundalini explosion, within seven minutes into the session exactly I fell into the second Jhana completely unaware until afterwards what had happened. It was unlike anything that could ever be described.

I have been interested in out of body experiences lately, and in an attempt to trigger one I decided to do a visualization technique. However, what I didn’t realize at the time was that it was basically analogous to concentration meditation. Within five minutes I fell into the first Jhana accidentally. I never did get out of body. Perhaps this is something that will happen with Kundalini at a later date.

Fast forward to today. I had decided to put on an orchestral dubstep mix that I came across on youtube to help me study and the first song made me feel SO good, I accidentally fell into the first Jhana again. This was COMPLETELY accidental. I wasn’t even mediating!

This is the song, if anyone is curious:

So it appears to be, the more Kundalini clears out my system, the more joy and rapture I can experience. It’s kind of like.. the Jhanas and Samadhi require an absolutely perfectly clean energy system, because in the first Jhana energy completely permeates my entire being, whilst in the second Jhana I AM energy. The energy becomes me. I have deduced that with the third Jhana the pleasure I feel will become me and I WILL BE pleasure.

I should also mention that I haven’t experienced these states for more than a couple of minutes at a time. The first Jhana is happening so much though that hopefully at some point I’ll be able to experience it for as long as I want. I won’t be trying though, as energy work is always dangerous when it comes to Kundalini. It’s awesome when it happens though!

I think I also read somewhere that it’s harder to stay in the lower Jhanas when you’ve experienced the higher Jhanas. The fourth Jhana is, I believe, when one experiences enlightenment of the Higher Self. As I have already experienced this it may just be that I am passing through the lower Jhanas briefly to clear out the rest of my system before I can progress back into the higher levels of Samadhi. Whatever the reason though, I am starting to see this falling into trances as a good progress indicator!

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