My Poetry

our place of refuge
each one for their own

So close to comfort
so far away
sweetness permeating our very essence
delicious desires never ours to taste

There is a sickness in this picture
perfection if not for its demise
non-sustaining self-sufficiency
lies in the broken gaps out of sight

It’s a wonder we don’t drown in this dog eat dog world
a place where everyone is out for themselves
a place where caring is a mask of social disguise; a necessary evil to endure by the willing
the deluded speak for themselves
we speak for ourselves
we are cast out like slaves made fit for an unending sandy abyss

So here we stand
don’t look away, don’t turn back
here is your forever now
lingering in the shadows
bliss is the dwelling place of the disguised
the truth like a salve to the mutilated heart

So here we stand
in pieces but whole for the very first time
don’t look back, don’t turn away
the die is cast, the numbers called
nothing illusive can remain
all extinguished but for the game

The blessing of the enemy pulls us ever closer
luck found in absence of counting
in absence of breathing
hell beckons us nearer

Eyes to see, ears to hear
chaos dances sempiternally
we; the victims
vengeful gods and goddesses mocking reality;
Puppets of our own play.

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