Nothing but God could ever exist, even in its non-existence. God is a manifestation of the potential of possibilities when God is both simultaneously added and subtracted together. That really doesn’t make any sense. I suppose it’s not meant to. God is ‘Being’, and yet equally God is non-being. God is totally transcendent of both. There is no God, and yet there is nothing BUT God.

God is a balance produced by the reaction of eternity itself. God is the material knowable reality that springs forth from its own unknowable eternal nothingness of everything. God just IS. And yet even that implies that there is something that God isn’t, which isn’t true, even if it is even bounded by its own fallacy. God is nothing else which could have been, only what was never not. Does any of that make sense? I doubt it.

God. Such a limiting, pointless, ridiculous, shallow, pathetic word and attempt to try and even begin to describe the indescribable.

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