Train Tracks

My Poetry

Train tracks lay endlessly in the distance
I’m treading on the slats
breathing in lungfuls of fresh salty sea air
hidden behind hoards of long wilder-grass
No one can see me
but I’m here
I can see me
eagles fly above and pierce with their knowing eyes
brown feathers fall and land in my hair
blessed be
blessed by the sky
freedom in the wilderness
terrible peace in absence of why
I am lost, forever lost
blinded by the sun shining down on me
nothing but darkness before my eyes
still I continue walking without a care in the world
knowing the train of destiny will find me
But until then, until the squealing of tires and crashing of steel,
flesh burning bright and charred metal filling my nostrils for the last time;
my feet walk the line
knowing what I know not
going where I go not.

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