Moon to my sun, stars to my sky
you just are
nothing could take that away
not pain, hate, rage, sickness
not death
not shame
The sparkle of a gem in shadowed light
a hidden beauty
a secret flower
not the love of my life
but the life of my love
Eternal tides push back and forth
the ocean in my mind again
the home of our people calls us
it draws us
we will return home once again
melded into stardust
fragments mended anew
Heart of mine whisper your sweet symphonies
murmur your honey-like dreams in my ears
daemon in a coveted world
forever mine
never mine
caresses soft as silk
torturing against my skin
just a step too far,
don’t forget me as I wave goodbye
Enter as you will
one more time
over and over again
body of mine betray me once again
support me
sear me
push me towards growth
never let me go
Soul not mine
white and silver in your mystery
clouds of fear cry their endless tears
hiding you from me
pierce me with your hazel eyes
I will always find my way back again.

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