My Poetry

Trawling broken links and dead archives
stalking hopes and fears and future dreams
the ticking of the clock strikes louder by the minute
reminding me of the space that lingers
distance between closest enemies growing apart
forfeited for a world we didn’t believe

Tapping blindly at worn switches
the endless white pixels hold my attention no longer
shaking, breaking, disintegrating away
this is what fate brought upon me
this is what I am paid
a ceaseless mind stuck in quantum loop
searching for a break upon washed up shores

Make me whole again
I found the key, I found it!
but the cracks in this enigma swallowed it whole
waiting for dawn to strike again
waiting for the one to bow down before the throne
heart upon a platter,
shining bright,
weeping glitter

Cube against a star shaped template
you can’t enter
melt the coarse material beneath your fingers
transformed by your own power
only I can see this,
only you can accomplish this
so fade,
fade away

Never again can this picture be painted
the reaper stands at the portal
the seams between reality and visions
they hold you hostage
so fly away little dove
be free
be free without me
this cavity belongs to us always
the emptiness will be waiting.

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