Blistering splinters past jagged wounds
serum smooth caressing ridges anew
nurture this decadence I feel
I’m skipping loops around red crimson I see
Breathing, silence pleads..
Tainted life and masked whores
children play tag and the beast secretes hollow force
splayed neurons stretched tight across the gorge
realigning myself with wilting forests..
Running, I’m running.
Endless caves and birds eyeing me from behind
drag me deeper into the dirt before I’m found
rest is translucent in its disguise
maiming diamond rings broken and defiled
I try, I try!
Sickening immersion from far beyond
one place and all nowhere at once
the stitching hinders the weightlessness of the sky
rip it apart,
scrape the blackened vile crust apart from its toll
the bite of envy leaves peace in free-fall.

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