The Pandorica

My Poetry

Blotches of ink
stain the colourful mosaic glass
evaporating in the dusty orange tinted light

Remnants of a past to be forgotten
dreams and hopes sublimated
fire and ice dancing in enduring sorrow
Wash away the scars that linger
yesterday is but an open wound
my reflection stares back at me
you were gone long ago
And Pandora’s box
hidden away
nought left but a quest for rest
nothing remaining but peace in wake of decay
the scent of ancient reflexes
washed away by wind and rain
And here I stand
here I am
fallen from grace
raw force emanating from my pores
skin permeated by delirium
lay me down exposed
the endless night sky beckons me closer
I let it go
I will let it all go
and wait anew for sunrise
But your blisters, lacerate my face
my comfort, my shield, my worst enemy
my best friend,
I dream
I see
From myself I cannot hide
from God I cannot run
for fate cannot escape
and its sickly sweet petals caress me
The clock strikes twelve
from this destiny I cannot escape
no more pain
goodbye once again
hello open terrain
hello love
hello, we meet again
I shall do what I must
to traverse this wasteland
fear, stay close to me
we shall prevail
Bliss, the other side
your true name
together we shall remember sanity
together we shall transcend eternity.

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