Trailing clouds of doom
whispering their final breath
like fire they burn away into the night
flames of terror and sorrow
death at every corner of the earth

Trees sway in the wind
gales of brimstone flatten every feeling
wipe away the rain that falls so freely
this glass is stained
broken lines
the back of dragon wings
flying away
so gone

These blackened veins
trickle through the earth
the depths of fear are upturned
scattered like waste
polluting the seas
rip apart every wound
mother earth weeps
she screams

And I am helpless
devastation wrecks through us
my soul begs for release
the reaper is never far away
he comes for us
he comes for me

I raise my hands
the frozen sky encapsulates me
poisonous words
squeezing tighter
crushing life away
you cannot hear me

I fall to the floor
praise dripping from my fingers
like blood spilt
a sacrificed virgin
in your name

I am spared
an empty cavity
the only thing remaining
a hollow chest
she heard my prayers

The apocalypse haunts me no more
I am saved
wrapped up in her arms
buried in the dirt
friends with death.

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