My Poetry

Light locks onto Ryuzaki’s eyes from across the room. He knows he’s being watched. Ryuzaki’s gaze holds firm and Light decides he’s had enough of this. He gets up and walks past him, making sure to discretely brush his fingers against the underside of his leg where he’s crouched. After all, the others are oblivious to this, whatever it is that’s been happening between them lately. It started with just a touch. A brush here and there. The tension has slowly been building up and Light can’t take it anymore.

“I’m just going to get a drink of water,” he hears himself say to the others.

“Oh okay Light,” Matsuda replies.

His full attention is on Ryuzaki as he heads for the kitchen. He doesn’t turn around. He knows Ryuzaki is following him.

It’s not until he reaches the kitchen that he turns around. As expected Ryuzaki is right behind, and before Light can say anything Ryuzaki is slamming him against the nearest wall and nipping at the soft skin between his ear and jaw.

“Light,” he groans against him. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s all that’s needed.

Light’s breath hitches as he feels his whole body react to what he’s craved all these weeks. His fingers twine themselves in Ryuzaki’s hair on their own accord, and he pulls him closer so that their lips are barely brushing.

He keeps them like that for a few seconds, teasing, until Ryuzaki gives in and devours his mouth in a hot burst of built up passion. Light nips at his lips and Ryuzaki moans as his hands settle against Light’s chest, grasping frantically against his skin. Arching into his touch, Light brings his hands down to firmly grab Ryuzaki’s hips and thrust them together with his own. He moans as he feels Ryuzaki’s hardness against him. Ryuzaki echoes his moans, grinding them together as hard as he possibly can, his teeth drawing blood as he nips Light’s bottom lip a little too hard in red hot want.

“Ryuzaki…” he gasps. His blood pounds his veins hard and he feels totally consumed by lust.

Ryuzaki tweaks one of his nipples and Light feels like if he doesn’t do something, anything, soon, he’s going to explode with desire.

With that he begins to strip Ryuzaki’s clothes off. Ryuzaki offers no resistance and helps Light dispose of his own clothes. Light then shoves him down on the bare floor and falls on top of him, his hand finding its place around Ryuzaki’s hot throbbing cock.

“Light.. Take me, please,” Ryuzaki gasps out underneath him as his hands sweep against Light’s bare back.

Light drinks in his darkened irises and parted lips and chuckles darkly. “Whatever you want,” he near growls. He begins to thrust slowly with the hand that is already wrapped around Ryuzaki’s cock and he trails his other hand to rest against his ass. Ryuzaki arches towards him, rocking his body against him in time.

“More.. Faster..”

“Who knew the great detective L could be so impatient,” Light smirks before bringing his mouth down to cover Ryuzaki’s nipple.

His fingers start to probe Ryuzaki’s entrance and he feels Ryuzaki’s groan rumble against his lips as he lets his fingers explore deeper.

Suddenly he can’t wait a second longer. His nerves are on fire, his cock swollen with pleasure, and his body is begging for release. He pulls his fingers away and guides his cock to Ryuzaki’s entrance, thrusting in hard. Ryuzaki screams out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Light lets the tight wet warmth consume him.

Light brings his head up from sucking Ryuzaki’s nipples and their gazes lock in pure need. Ryuzaki is almost ready. Light can feel his cock heavily weeping pre-come as he continues to thrust his other hand around it, in time to his own cock deep inside Ryuzaki’s body.

Their bodies rock furiously in time and Light can feel his own release building up until the need of it overtakes him.

“Ryuzaki,” he gasps, “I’m going to come, I can’t hold it any longer.”

“Come inside me, I need you to come inside me. I need you Light,” Ryuzaki moans as his lower abdomen begins to tense against Light’s body, needing to find its own release.

Light’s body is on fire and he thrusts frantically, faster and faster, further and further into Ryuzaki’s body, pounding his cock into his swollen prostate. Ryuzaki screams out again as his orgasm overtakes him. His cock spurts out his white hot release and the feel of it against Light’s hands and the sensation of Ryuzaki’s spasms clenching against his cock is enough to send Light over the edge. Blood rushes to his cock and he brings his head back down to suck on Ryuzaki’s nipple as he arches his body upwards, his orgasm wrenching through him. His cock pulses in time to Ryuzaki’s waning tremors and his teeth hold on for dear life against Ryuzaki’s skin.

His body shudders one last time and he falls on top of Ryuzaki in exhaustion, panting heavily against his chest.

Neither of them speak for a while, each trying to gain their breath back; it gives Light enough time to get his thoughts straight again.

“Wow, Ryuzaki,” he finally breathes, “You taste so good.”

He lifts his head up to simper at his one and only equal, and then he winks. Ryuzaki’s lips quirk into a small amused smile, about to say something, and Light can’t resist. He brings his fingers up to his lips, licking Ryuzaki’s come off before leaning in to give Ryuzaki a taste of himself, effectively silencing whatever it was Ryuzaki was about to say.

Light reminds himself to try that tactic to shut him up in the future. Sex is much better than arguing he thinks, before he finds himself lost in another wave of pleasure.


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