Interdependence of Yin and Yang

My Public Journal

Good and evil have always fascinated me, the fine distinction separating the two. I have spent many a night trying to understand the concept behind both, and how they’re connected. Over time I have come to a few conclusions which I thought I would care to share. What I write may sound like complete rubbish, but it has taken me many years to finally understand the mechanics behind these most basic instincts, and my life has become greatly enriched in the process of realization. I no longer aim for that impossible standard of being good, because the consideration of good is not the whole picture, instead it is an illusion. I feel like these upcoming concepts have really helped me understand who I am, and accept, even praise, my darker nature, but in conjunction with my better nature. Instead of becoming weak, I have found myself strengthened.

Good and evil are different sides of the same coin. Good and evil need each other, one cannot exist without the other. They are interdependent. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, is that not Newton’s Third Law of Motion? If there were no evil then how would we know what good is? The universe works off a strong notion of black and white, dark and light, however the mixture is blended for the best results, such as that of a black and white photograph. It utilizes opposite halves to create a whole picture, it could not work otherwise. This concept ends up ruling morals as subjective, based on a flawed system of preconceived misconceptions, one of those being that one can only be whole when they are good. Then they will be pure. However this is false. There can be no standard when dealing with morals and the fine line between good and evil. Balance is the most crucial, eliminating that need for a distinction in the first place.

The truly happy person understands this well and accepts both parts of themselves with open arms. Such is the concept of Yin Yang. Being only good is like denying half of yourself, whilst equally being only evil is still only half the picture. Being only good is as detrimental as being only evil. One can only be happy when they’re whole, and to be whole you have to be comfortable with not just the good, but the evil too. Balance is crucial.

The intention to do only good can often cause a relapse in evil nature. For example, you may only want the good for those around you, but when it comes at your own expense you may unconsciously end up going to extreme lengths to balance out the good inside to understand the evil around you. This can lead to endlessly depressive cycles where selfish yet misguided thoughts become prominent. And then a once only good person has been converted to becoming truly evil, maybe even without realizing it. Often, the innocent are most susceptible to corruption. The same case can also be said with those who are only evil, just reversed in measure. However, in the case of the evil, society tends to deem this as good, which philosophically speaking, is not true at all. This is why often many services promoting the good of the individual fail; prison, rehab, and so forth.

A good person will have dark thoughts, just as an evil person will have sincere thoughts. This is nature trying to balance itself. Often, though, our subjections deem it wrong to indulge in the opposite end of the spectrum, for many reasons. If there ever were an error it would be this. It is shameful because the two sides are complementary to each other. They are naturally attracted and opposed. Hope means nothing without worry, and likewise with courage and fear, love and hate, happiness and sadness, and so on. The fine line separating the two means nothing as the opposite alternative seems to be connected by a lifeline. And of course, both opposites can be experienced at the exact same time, creating an ambivalent relationship with ones’s true nature, whether it be consciously or unconsciously.

However, is true, that the line between good and evil is fine indeed. Although it is important to have clear cut standards on both sides of the coin, total perfection is impossible. The irony is when a person doing evil uses good as a motivator, or when a person doing good hates evil. They are still exercising the opposite functions of themselves, unknowingly to them. It is impossible to completely escape the grey area that acts as common ground and an intermediate between good and evil. The separation between the two is only there because without it, it would not function. Life would cease to be. Unless a balance is achieved you will be lying to yourself about your true nature and will never feel complete in yourself.

And so ends my blog on the relations standing between good and evil. As a conclusion: black needs white to survive just as white needs black, opposites are merely an illusion of independence, the whole picture can only be seen with the subjective lenses of truth set to both and all perspectives. This is the fastest way to become happy of and within yourself. As a side thought, the understanding of this also improves external relations as once you realize that neither you or anyone else can truly be perfect, judgemental thoughts skid to a halt and you no longer find yourself living to impress, to feel whole and complete.

I do not think I have missed anything, but if I have I will be sure to update it. I want to emphasize that this is however, solely my interpretation on such a controversial field. Although everything I have written stems from my own thought processes, and hasn’t been garnered from other sources, I am not the first and neither will I be the last to try and tackle the immense chasm of understanding between that of good and evil. Maybe one day judgement day will come and the truth will be revealed for what it really is.

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