Recording and Experimenting with my Episodes of Sleep Paralysis

My Public Journal

I’ve decided to write down all my episodes of Sleep Paralysis because they are so fascinating and I’ve decided to experiment with them some more and try to use them to get into lucid dreams and to have ‘OBE’s’. I get them quite regularly, at least once a month, and often once a week or more, so this is ideal. I also want to record any possible triggers so I know how to induce one or how to stay away from having one if possible.

Today I had been out all morning and when I got home I was thoroughly exhausted and just flopped on my bed. I can’t remember the time. Maybe it was round about 3pm-ish. I was woken regularly throughout the nap by things going on in the house, but couldn’t be bothered to wake up properly. I fell asleep on my front but flipped over on my back somewhere along the way. I eventually woke into Sleep Paralysis at about 5pm-ish. I slept 5hrs last night and I had three glasses of alcohol beforehand, something that I think might be related.

I woke up and realized I couldn’t move. I thought I could hear my mum outside my room talking to my brother, but since sleep paralysis is full of hallucinations I can’t be sure. It made me nervous because I was worried about her coming into my room to wake me and me not being able to move. (something which would’ve actually have woken me up). All of a sudden I could feel exploding head syndrome coming on, (for any readers it’s what I call when I hear a huge noise and pressure in my head and it quickly gets worse until it feels like my head is going to explode. Usually then I wake up.) so I calmed and centered myself just before it happened. It immediately stopped before it got bad, which is also a first. However I was still stuck.

I tried moving my arms and legs again and I was still stuck. By this time I had come to my senses a little more and decided to try and use Sleep Paralysis to propel me into a lucid dream. It was a really odd experience.. I closed my eyes (not sure if I could control them in real life or not, so couldn’t tell if they were actually open or closed) and I immediately thought of a random dream scene I had previously planned out to experiment with. I imagined myself flying above the ocean. Suddenly I saw a vortex of swirling colors and random dream fragments in front of me like I did the last time I tried this. I focused on the fragments some more and suddenly it felt like I was flung somewhere.. I was like in this weird void. I’d left my body behind and I forgot that I was paralyzed.

I can’t really remember what happened next.. all I know is that I awoke out of a really short dream back into paralysis again. I think I’d almost succeeded in becoming lucid.. but I’d given up somewhere along the way since I had trouble focusing on a particular dream scene and projecting myself there. I tried moving my body again and I was still stuck. By this point I had been in paralysis for what felt like forever and I was worried that I would be stuck for up to thirty minutes like I’d read on the internet since it has to have been the longest episode I’ve had yet.

I think my eyes were open again. I tried moving my fingers and toes (my dream projected fingers and toes could wiggle just fine), and I thought I could see them twitching in real life, but it still wasn’t enough to wake me. It never actually has been. I’ve usually found that controlling my breathing usually wakes me up.. but I’d forgotten to do it this time for some reason. I decided that if I was going to be stuck for thirty minutes I might as well experiment with it some more. So I decided to try an OBE. Just thinking about having an OBE freed most of my awareness from my body. But when I tried freeing my left arm it was stuck. Something always get stuck whenever I try OBE’s! -_-

Anyway, I was starting to get pissed off and that was when I woke up for real and it turned out that my left arm was stuck in an awkward position above my head and had gone a bit dead. So obviously that sensation had carried over into the Sleep Paralysis. Also I’m pretty sure I awoke with my eyes open, and when I tried to focus everything was swimming in and out of focus. I don’t know if this is the after affects of any hallucinations, or whether I’d had my eyes open too long in the paralysis, since I don’t remember feeling the urge to blink.

If I had to rate the awesomeness/weirdness of this episode compared to others I’ve had it would probably have to be around 6/10. I was disappointed that the lucid dreaming didn’t work. I’ve given up in the past but I get it too often to not at least try. One day I might get it.

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