Welcome to The Goddess Rises!

What is the Goddess Rises? The Goddess Rises is the exploration of the: Primal, earthy, shamanic, witchy, magickal, serpentine, occult, shrouded, lunar, feminine, divine energy; and the rousing, rising, and full actualisation of that within ourselves as incarnate beings living a human existence.

The path starts with the stages of conception within the universal creative womb, through to gestation, birth or emergence, starting life anew as an awakening goddess, growing then maturing, the full embodiment of what was first imagined within the womb at the very start of the journey, and from thereon to nurture and pass on what has been learned to others who come after, such as here.

The journey of a goddess is never linear, but always spiralling deeper and deeper into her own truth. Deeper into the core of reality, the fundamental nature and creative energy of all that is – sexual, sensual, and stimulating. Never is there stagnation, but growth always, as eternal beings of pure consciousness, evolving through constant exploration and adventure of all existence has to offer.

This is a path of pro-activity, of embracing all life has to offer, whether positive or negative, of learning and illuminating ourselves further within the never ending joy of world-affirming gnosis.

In all mythologies of the world, the Goddess is the earthy, fertile, wombic, creative force which enlivens all of existence. That is what is reconnected with here, by realising she is not and never has been outside us in a disconnected fashion similar to the patriarchal gods of old, but that in fact she is within us, and just like how in mythology she rose again, so too is it written in our stars to rise, and embrace goddesshood.

The Divine is within you! The Goddess is You. You are That.

The Goddess rises is the journey of one goddess shared with all goddesses-to-be, no matter gender, with personal experiences, feelings, lessons, visions, journals, and above all spiritual growth, for purposes of awakening, healing and empowerment.

The Goddess Rises is a documentation and impartation of healing to all whom find themselves here. The Goddess who creates all life, innately maintains the ability to heal that which was created by her, as an original, perfect being.

And as goddesses incarnate, that power is within us.

Magick is all around, within the air we breathe, permeating our very cells and spirit deeply, recharging us from the deepest core of our self – For Maya (literal definition: ‘magic’), that goddess who is the greatest illusionist, is the awesome, nurturing, creative magician. For only can the magician create something, life, out of nothing.

This is the path of reconnection to that originally unadulterated spirit within us, the spirit of femininity, of magick, and of power.

In summary, The Goddess Rises is one word: Empowerment!

Blessed be )O(